Benefits for Agents

Benefits for Agents

Do you want to become a property investment agent?

Anne Munyao

Anne Munyao, our Head of Sales and Customer Service, has years of experience in dealing with clients in the real estate and hospitality arena. She will liaise with you regarding our clients' needs.
W ith an agency business, most agents are too busy deal with house-rentals that are rented by the room. We are relocation agents that specialise in letting houses to Professional and Corporate tenants from local businesses and companies along with the universities and hospitals.

We are looking for local letting agents to work with to rent houses on long-term leases for a win-win arrangement. Perhaps you have properties on your books that we could look at?

The real estate agent simply needs to find us a suitable property and then collect your commission for the next 5 years with little effort on your part.

Our process

Contact us

We will discuss your needs

We will craft a plan

We will implement the plan

You will profit

The tangible benefits to the progressive letting agent are numerous:
  • You will get the tenant find fee from the landlord.
  • You will continue to get the management fee from the landlord (if the property is currently fully managed by you).
  • You would not be required to undertake any work at all except pass the guaranteed rent to the landlord.
  • We would take care of the property and be responsible for rent collection from our tenants along with taking care of any maintenance and tenant issues.

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1What is a suitable property?
This is a property with 2 or more bedrooms. We can use properties in any part of town and in any condition.